SAT and ACT Test Prep: How to Determine the Best Approach

Millions of American teenagers take either the SAT or ACT each year. It’s a rite of passage that most of us remember well, for better or worse, but standardized testing for high schoolers today is very different than it was for their parents. The College Board, who administers the SAT, has made big changes recently, […]

College Apps 101: Quality Versus Quantity

It’s arguably the most competitive sport on the North Shore: college admissions.   And the season is upon us. Once your kid has taken the SAT and as many honors classes as possible, it’s finally time for him or her to fill out the application and knock the socks off admissions officers. So, here are […]

Is ACT and SAT Test Prep Right For Your Child?

Was that SAT or ACT prep course a life-saver, or a total waste of time?   A recent study by the National Association of College Admissions Counselors shows that small improvements in test scores can make a difference in college admissions, but it also indicates that the average gain from commercial test prep is small, […]