Fact and Fiction: 10 Myths About Alcohol — Busted!

Beth Prystowsky enjoys a glass or two of wine on occasion. “I enjoy it and it’s fun,” she says. But she also thinks she’ll be cutting down her consumption in the near future, which is something she’s done in the past. “I’m trying to find a balance with alcohol, and that’s always shifting and changing,” […]

5 Chicago Bars That Redefined the 'Bar'

Bars were once mostly places you’d roll into and order a drink that would usually come from a bottle or a tap. Your drinks would be served by a guy who, though he was personable and willing to wipe off the counter for you, probably didn’t know how to make more than a handful of […]

Ice Ice Baby: 3 Chicago Mixologists Talk Favorite Cocktails

Chicago would never be mistaken for a dry town. We’ve got a plethora of great cocktail bars here, with award-winning mixologists combining fanciful artisanal ingredients — sweet as well as savory — to great effect. But let’s discuss what really sets a bar apart in 2017: a bespoke ice program. Serious cocktails call for serious […]

5 Cocktail Recipes for Your Next Party

A great party starts with a memorable cocktail. But who wants to be stuck mixing countless individual drinks all night? After all, your guests are there to spend time with you and won’t have any more fun if you’re slaving away at the bar. When it comes to libations for a crowd, “ease and simplicity” […]

8 Must-Try Midwest Ciders for Fall

The Midwest is widely considered to be one of the premier areas of the country for farming apples. With hundreds of varieties grown annually, it’s no surprise that the region’s hard cider culture has taken the nation and the beverage world by storm. From right here in Illinois all the way to Iowa, Michigan and […]

Recipe: Westwood Bistro's Matador Cocktail

This is a new cocktail with our own Westwood twist. We started with rye bourbon as a base and realized the ingredients could be manipulated to suit other base alcohols with amazing results. The original name for the drink was “The Dude,” in reference to the Big Lebowski. We as a whole were not thrilled […]