Fresh: A Gym of a Bag

Jennifer Koutouras was fed up with digging through her bag after a workout. So she teamed up with Kendra Cunningham, her Kenilworth neighbor, to invent a three-shelved bag that will hang or stand in a gym locker, storing shoes, cosmetics and wet clothes. Better yet, five percent of the annual profits go to Girls in […]

Swimmer's Arms Without Getting Wet

Sleeveless dresses, bathing suits, tank tops—time to get your arms toned. Swimming gives you slim arms, plus it’s a great total body workout, but if you can’t make it to a pool, this move mimics the freestyle stroke on land. It tones your arms, shoulders, back and core muscles. To prepare: Wrap a resistance cord […]

It Takes a Villa...

A villa: Sounds glamorous, doesn’t it? Move into your home away from home, learn the language, shop for local food, fall in love with a handsome Italian … “Under the Tuscan Sun” is an Italian fantasy, but villas are available throughout the world. You can escape to an island paradise in Mustique, commune with nature […]

Camping with a Blowdryer

Does the phrase “full hook-up campground” turn you on? Do you love the great outdoors but cringe at compost toilets? These adventures—one a short drive, the other a flight away—let you hike, bike or swim, while returning at night to a comfy bed, hot shower and an electrical outlet for that all-important blowdryer. Moab, Utah […]