“A Walk in the Woods” Captivates—Even As It Tackles Diplomacy

In Lee Blessing’s Pulitzer Prize-nominated play, the characters struggle with a conflict that may end life as we know it, and still maintain their humanity. The early ‘80s nuclear arms race brought civilization to the brink of annihilation; the Soviet and American stockpiles alone were enough to destroy the world several times over. This makes […]

Is Chocolate Heart Healthy?

We love a study that says chocolate is good for your health. That’s why we wanted to share this one with you—according to The New York Times, a piece published in the British Medical Journal, by Dr. Oscar H. Franco, says that high levels of chocolate consumption are related to a “significant reduction in the […]

Fresh: Conceptual Thinking

Fans of Ann Taylor rejoice! An Ann Taylor concept store—the first in the Chicago area—recently opened. The new Ann Taylor boutiques are designed to feel like sleek, contemporary homes, with hardwood floors, crystal chandeliers and tufted furniture. The dressing rooms are particularly luxurious, and a lounge area offers a touch screen monitor for browsing a […]

Daytripper: Lovely Lake Forest

Lake Forest marked its 150th anniversary in 2011, celebrating a rich history of gentleman farms and classic estates. Now home to 20,000 people, Lake Forest retains its small town charms. Lunch Sit beneath the towering Elm trees on the patio overlooking Market Square, and enjoy the Van Doren Club. If the kids are hungry, send […]

Best of 2011 North Shore: Preservationists

Whether you believe what’s old is new again, subscribe to the green mantra repurpose and reuse, or just need to find a doorknob to match the others in your 1920s bungalow, we’ve got the best places to go. Al Bar Wilmette Platers, Wilmette In business since 1937, Al Bar has the go-to-guys for anything from […]

Best of 2011 North Shore: Best Bar Scene

Is this seat taken? Not everyone is into the bar scene, but if you need to see and be seen, we have the short-cut guide to North Shore single scene.   Where it’s Going Down Who You’ll See What They’re Drinking Must Consume Happ Inn (Northfield) Singles from Highland Park, Deerfield and Northbrook Gin and […]

Who’s Driving the Bus? My Year as a Kindergarten Mom

Enjoy this excerpt from the new novel by Evanston mom, Tracy Egan, based on her one-woman play, “Who’s Driving the Bus?” This scene is called, “Meet the Teacher.” “Who’s Driving the Bus? My Year as a Kindergarten Mom” is available at most local bookstores. MEETING THE TEACHER “Mrs. Slaughter, So nice to meet you I’m […]