More Creepy Crawly Bedbug Facts

Val and her dorm-living college son had quite the experience with bedbugs. Here’s the story of her ordeal and what saved her. And here is everything she learned from her exterminator or as she calls him, “My new B.F.F.” Bedbugs come out between 4-6 a.m. and feed for 2 minutes then run and hide. Bedbugs […]

A Bedbug Emergency: Mom to the Rescue

One night a mom named Val was at a birthday party—a fun girls’ night out—drinking wine and dancing to music and laughing. When suddenly her phone rang. An angry young voice shouted out the scariest words she’s ever heard:  “Mom, I have bedbugs.”  In Val’s head she heard the needle on the record scratch zzzzz.  […]