Best Weekend Summer Trips for Couples and Families

C’mon, admit it—you’re counting the days until summer vacation. Now you’re staring down the calendar, trying to find time for a trip. No problem—whether it’s a couples getaway or packing the kids into the minivan, Fodor’s Travel Executive Editorial Director Arabella Bowen has several great suggestions for in-town excitement and weekend getaways that don’t involve […]

The Book Stall in Winnetka Celebrates 30 years with Roberta Rubin

It’s the 75th anniversary of the original Chestnut Court Book Shop, and the 30th anniversary of Roberta Rubin as owner of The Book Stall. Make it Better wishes her 30 more bright years filled with author readings, lunches and alerting North Shore readers to the best new books. To celebrate, The Book Stall is offering […]

Ann Patchett Talks About Her New Book, “State of Wonder”

Ann Patchett’s newest book is “State of Wonder,” about a pharmaceutical researcher, Marina Singh, who must travel to the Amazon jungle after a colleague’s mysterious death. When did you know you wanted to be a writer? I knew when I was 5 years old. It’s the one true thing about me that I’ve always known […]

Get to Know Your Kid: Preserving Memories One Question at a Time

Author Shana Connell Noyes created “Get to Know Your Kid,” an innovative new book designed to help parents preserve memories while connecting with their children. More than just a baby book, “Get to Know Your Kid” includes 100 open-ended questions developed by Noyes with the guidance of two child psychologists. The questions range from playful […]

The Courage to Fight

Why do some people seem to have the courage to face trials and come out the other side standing strong? Think about the people you know who have been faced with a life-threatening event or illness and who have confronted their situations with strength and grace. These days many of us find ourselves in situations […]