Op-Ed: Is College Really the Best Path for Your Child?

“My child is going to (insert college of choice): Harvard, University of Illinois, Princeton, MIT, Wisconsin, Notre Dame.” Most parents, especially those fortunate enough to be able to pay for their son or daughter’s education, beam with pride to share that news. But is a path to college the best choice for your child? If […]

Meet These 2021 North Shore Valedictorians and Graduates

It was a senior year like no other and this year’s North Shore valedictorians and commencement speakers shared a few of their hopes, future plans and secrets for success with Better. Zara AnwarNew Trier High School Zara Anwar lives in Winnetka and will attend Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. She plans to study cognitive sciences with […]

9 Things You Might Want to Say to Your College Freshman

As part of our “Love Essentially” series, Jackie Pilossoph helps us navigate the complex world of relationships. Have a question that you would like her to answer? Contact her here, and it may be featured in an upcoming article! I’ll never forget the fear I felt several years ago when dropping off my son at Rich […]

9 Dos and Don'ts for Making the Most of an Empty Nest

In a viral social media post shared on the eve of move-in day, San Diego State University encouraged incoming freshmen students to let their parents take pictures, make their bed, and embarrass them because “[a]s you start the new chapter of your life, they are also starting the new chapter of theirs. And believe it or […]

The Critical Document Every College Student Should Sign

Sheri Warsh received a call that no parent wants to get. Her son, then a freshman some 260 miles away at the University of Michigan, was crouched in a corner with stabbing pains in his chest and unable even to walk across the street to the hospital, according to his roommate, who made the phone […]