Walk on the Wild Side

Even though the winter of 2020 was a washout in many ways, in terms of rainfall things were pretty dry. Thanks to an atmospheric river in January and some other later rains however, the wildflower prospect is looking bright. So strap on your mask and hiking books and take in the kaleidoscopic beauty of Marin’s […]

Outward Bound: The Best Places to Hike Near Chicago

As fall’s spectacular colors roll in, now’s the perfect time to lace up those hiking boots and explore the great outdoors. If you’re like most of us, you are well and truly tired of staying at home. But, you also recognize that it’s just not safe to do all of your favorite urban activities. Enter […]

How to Burn More Calories During Your Favorite Workouts

It’s no wonder High-Intensity Interval Training, aka “HIIT,” workouts have become so popular. These workouts alternate intense bursts of heart-pumping exercises with short periods of rest, putting them at a calorie-burning advantage. In fact, you can think of HIIT workouts as a “BOGO” in the fitness world: The exercises creates an oxygen deficit that your […]

Camping 101: Your Checklist for a Great Adventure

Ah, the great outdoors. Fresh air, swimming in pristine lakes, sleeping under the stars, waking with the birds. Sound serene…or intimidating? If you’re not a camping pro, here’s what you need to know to make sure your epic adventure doesn’t turn into an epic fail. Gearing Up for Adventure Go to an outdoor equipment store […]