Better Makers: Yo-Yo Ma Congratulates Ingenuity on 10 Years of Success as Arts Education Nonprofit Looks to the Next Decade

Ingenuity has dedicated itself to supporting and building arts education in Chicago, and after a decade of work, the results are in.  Today, Ingenuity reports 75,000 more students have access to arts programs each year than 10 years ago, and there’s been a 97% increase in the number of Chicago public schools offering arts programs […]

Chicago’s “Be Creative” Campaign: Putting Art Back in Every Classroom

A cross-section of Chicago civic leaders are so determined to restore arts education to all Chicago Public Schools that they launched “Be Creative: The Campaign for Creative Schools” through the nonprofit Ingenuity. This $38 million campaign aims to put arts education back into every CPS classroom—kindergarten through 12th grade—within the next four years. Chairing the initiative are […]