When the Odds are Against You with Ovarian Cancer

A conversation you never want to have with your doctor is just the one Julie Schaffner had to endure. Editor’s note: The staff at Make It Better was saddened by the news of Julie Schaffner’s passing on Dec. 31, 2010. Her interview here is an ongoing testament to her dedication to family, work and the […]

Resilient Women - Michele Snyder

Michele Snyder’s daughter, Jenny, was just going to soccer practice. The beautiful, vibrant 17-year-old was about to start her senior year at Glenbrook North and had just returned home from a day working at a boutique in downtown Northbrook.

Resilient Women - Deirdre Pichietti

Deirdre Picchietti’s husband, David, is one of those men who never missed a day of work. “Dave is tough,” Picchietti explains. “If he had a fever or the flu, he’d take some medicine and head to the construction site. and if he wasn’t well enough to go to his main job, he’d go work at […]