Shrek the Musical Will Thrill Your Kids (and Kill Your Ears)

The 2001 movie “Shrek” is a quirky fairytale, with its story of a swamp-dwelling ogre and a homely, chubby princess who fall in love. “Shrek, the Musical,” which runs through Sept. 5 at the Cadillac Palace Theatre in Chicago, tells that story in a frantic, over-amplified production, with crude humor (farting and the like) that’s […]

Swimming: The Benefits of Getting All Wet

I’ve heard all the excuses: chlorine dries out my hair, I don’t have a swim suit, my goggles leak, I can’t get the breathing, the water is cold, and it’s boring. The benefits of swimming are superior to any other activity. Here are compelling reasons to drop the excuses and take the plunge. Swimming is […]

Nature In the Northern Suburbs

Chicago and wilderness don’t really go together. But nature is less than a gas tank away. Really. School’s been out for a month, and your kids may be asking for all-day marathons of TV Land or Playstation. It’s hard not to cave once in a while, but if your parental guilt is getting the best […]

Highland Park Green Kids Shine

At Chicago Botanic Garden’s World Environment Day, a small but dynamic group of children determined to make the earth a healthier place manned one of the popular community displays. The Highland Park Green Kids were eager to discuss their mission and demonstrate energy-saving projects. They are part of a local grassroots organization founded by kids […]

Can You Divorce Without a Fight?

Collaborative law is a way of getting a divorce without going to court. The focus is on finding solutions, not assigning blame—a common occurrence in traditional divorce litigation. The approach is gaining in popularity, according to Carol Patinkin, executive director of The Lilac Tree: Resources for Divorcing Women, an Evanston-based nonprofit serving women throughout the […]