The 25 Best iPhone Apps

We’ve updated our list of the 25 must-have apps.   These are the ones we use again and again to save us money and time (or waste a little time and brain cells, if we’re being totally honest). We’ve also noted which apps also work on iPads. Let the downloads begin! Communication Just using your […]

Healthy Obsession: Kayaking

Skokie resident Nancy Vedder, an ACA certified kayaking instructor and program manager for Northwest Passage, shares why her thrill ride of a sport relieves stress. How did you take up kayaking? I began working at The Northwest Passage in 1995. While at the Skokie Lagoons, I fell in love with the sport instantly. The tranquility […]

From Suburbs to City—Go Canoeing

The time to celebrate outdoors is here, and the northern suburbs offer an amazing opportunity to explore nature and escape from city in a canoe or a kayak.   Here are some places where you can float your own boat or rent a craft to paddle for an hour or a day. Watch the turtles […]