4 Simple Ideas for Summer Entertaining

Summer entertaining should be relaxed and fun, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego style.   We asked two entertaining experts, Stephanie Cook, owner of The Creative Planners, and Mary Rosemeyer, interior designer and owner of Eclectic Design Source, for their tips on throwing a stunning party under the stars. Pick the right cocktails […]

The Push to Play: Kids, Sports and Competition

Are you your kid’s biggest superfan?   Each year, about 35 million children play organized sports. If you ask kids why they play, most just want to have fun. In fact, according to a study by Michigan State University’s Institute for the Study of Youth Sports, 65 percent of kids say they want to be with […]

Daytripper: Lively Libertyville

A jewel of Lake County, Libertyville is a great example of an all-American town.   With a bustling main street lined with independent retailers and terrific restaurants, you’ll fill the day with food and flair. Here are some of our favorites.    Libertyville Sports Complex Start by dropping off the kids. At nearly 170,000 square […]

Rollie Schmitt: Sailing Through Life

Rollie Schmitt has been sailing through life—literally—since the age of ten.   Along the way she has been sharing her love of sailing with hundreds of young girls as the leader of the Wilmette Mariners Girl Scout Troop 401. The Wilmette Mariners program started in the 1930s and is believed to be one of only […]

Personalized Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Out of ideas for that perfect, personalized gift? Look no further. Here are some of our favorites.   For the sentimentalist Celebrate family roots with a custom family tree. This unique personalized artwork features the family name, year and a bird for each family member. Printed on stretch canvas and framed, available in three sizes. […]

Minding your Manners on Facebook

I admit it, I was “unfriended.”   Like many on Facebook today, I chose to rebut a political innuendo made by a “friend” (aka, woman I barely knew who “friended” me two years ago), and she wasn’t very happy about it. The experience left me asking, what are the rules of engagement on Facebook and […]

Your Kid’s Room: Knowing When to Let it Go

Your kid is a slob and your husband isn’t far from it. The chaos is making you crazy.   But how do you know when to let it go and when to lay down the law? We asked John Duffy, clinical psychologist and author of “The Available Parent: Radical Optimism for Raising Teens and Tweens” […]

Design Faux Pas: Avoid 7 Common Mistakes in Interior Design

Think of it as “What Not to Wear” for your house.   We polled local interior designers for their thoughts on the most common design mistakes and tips on how to fix them. 1. Out-of-whack proportions Too many times Julia Edelmann of Buckingham Interiors & Design sees spaces where the scale and proportion of the […]