Lip Stains: Ratings and Tips for the Perfect Pucker

Give your lips that perfect pout this winter with a lip stain. Unlike a lipstick, which just covers your lips, these products literally stain your lips and are supposed to last longer. The only downfall is this can sometimes lead to drying results (an effect we’ll want to avoid this season). So from YSL to […]

Runway to Real Way

The buzz during Fashion Week wasn’t just about the glam clothes. The crowds were also talking up the striking makeup and hairstyles that dominated the runway. The following tips will help you convert these runway looks into your daily life whether you’re running errands or attending a fabulous event. Defined brows Gone are the days […]

Go Natural with Mineral Makeup this Summer

You’ve probably seen ads for mineral makeup and wondered, what’s the hype?   Mineral makeup is simply a natural take on traditional foundation (powder or liquid) that offers a variety of benefits, including some protection from the sun. Usually found in a loose powder form, mineral makeup contains finely crushed minerals such as mica, zinc […]

Five Ways to Freshen Your Look

Spring has finally come to Chicago and green leaves and peonies abound. Which means it’s time to jump into the season with a fresh new look.   We’re not talking about week-to-week hair color changes like you see in Hollywood, merely a few small changes to perk you up. So if you’ve always worn clean […]