Resilient Women - Michele Snyder

Michele Snyder’s daughter, Jenny, was just going to soccer practice. The beautiful, vibrant 17-year-old was about to start her senior year at Glenbrook North and had just returned home from a day working at a boutique in downtown Northbrook.

Resilient Women - Deirdre Pichietti

Deirdre Picchietti’s husband, David, is one of those men who never missed a day of work. “Dave is tough,” Picchietti explains. “If he had a fever or the flu, he’d take some medicine and head to the construction site. and if he wasn’t well enough to go to his main job, he’d go work at […]

Resilient Women - Suzanne Newman

For $75 an hour, Suzanne Newman will become your best girlfriend and gently makeover your closet, your looks and possibly even your life. She’ll sit on your bed and share stories in her sweet, slightly Southern accent, and her presence will be so warm and comforting, you’d never guess what she’s been through. Then again, […]

Resilient Women - Cristina Persico

For most people, cancer is a bombshell they never expected. Unfortunately for Cris Persico, a native of Argentina, cancer is like a ghost that has haunted her, following her from her childhood into adulthood. Both her parents died of the disease when she was a young adult. Then, in 1995, the youngest of her four […]

Resilient Women

At a soccer practice. At work. On vacation. No one ever knows when or where tragedy is going to strike. But it does.   And North Shore women are strong when it comes to coping with crises. Time after time, they come together to support one another and go to incredible lengths to get through […]

Resilient Women - Diane Mayer

When Diane Mayer’s husband, Dick, the former CEO of Kraft, retired, it seemed like they would finally have more time to spend together and to do all the things they had wanted to do for so long, including traveling more, spending time at their winter home in Boca Grande, Fla., and enjoying their grandchildren, Eady […]