2013 Guide to Aging Well

“Aging” is something we should all know well—we’ve been doing it since we were born. And we’re always looking for help on how to do it right. When we’re children, we look to our friends and parents for guidance. As we age into adulthood, some questions become easier, others harder. Finally, there comes a point […]

Alzheimer's: Tips for Communicating Thoughtfully

Communicating with a person with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia requires patience and understanding. Individuals with dementia have more difficulty expressing thoughts and emotions. They also have more trouble understanding others. The Alzheimer’s Association® provides tips and techniques that can be used to help a person with Alzheimer’s communicate more effectively. Be patient and […]

The Truth About Long-Term Care Insurance

Auto insurance? Check. Health insurance? Check. Long-term care insurance? Not so fast. The subject is not typical dinner conversation. But with the impending onslaught of baby boomers entering their senior years, the question of their ongoing care is a real concern. According to the AARP Bulletin, the odds that you’ll need long-term care after the […]

Keeping Seniors Cool in the Heat

As the temperature continues to climb this week, play it safe by staying in the shade and staying hydrated.   Although the heat is tough on everyone, seniors must take extra precautions to stay safe on hot summer days.  Remind your senior relatives and neighbors to: Use air conditioning or visit a nearby cooling center. […]