Love for Life: Meredith and Jon Sinclair

Their story could be an American fairytale.   Blonde, perky cheerleader meets tall, handsome basketball player at a small-town high school in Pennsylvania. They fall in love and live happily ever after. They have two children, Truman and Max, and have been married for 20 years. When they first got married, Jon explains, “We moved […]

Oprah's "Lifeclass": A Relaxed, Funnier, More Intimate Oprah

Oprah will soon be more accessible to her fans than ever. Oprah’s new show, “Lifeclass,” premiers on her cable network, OWN, on Monday night at 7 p.m. “Lifeclass” showcases Oprah in the role she has long felt to be her true calling: teacher. In each hour-long episode, Oprah explores life lessons learned from interviews and […]

Best Friends

Tolbert Chisum met Stedman Graham in the late 80s at the Crosby Golf Tournament in North Carolina. Tolbert’s employer, Aetna Insurance, sponsored the tournament. Stedman was living and working in North Carolina and on the board of the host organization. They met because Tolbert’s wife, Carrie, wanted to meet Stedman’s girlfriend, Oprah. Because Tolbert was […]

Julie Floyd of Winnetka Makes Our Kids Look Classic

Going from the big business, adult-only world of being an international tax attorney to crawling around on the floor with a camera making monkey sounds for children is one scenario Julie Floyd never imagined for herself fifteen years ago.   Floyd, the photographer who founded and owns Classic Kids Photography, followed her passion when she […]