Want to Raise Happy Kids? Be a 'Conscious Parent'

“When you parent, it’s crucial you realize you aren’t raising a ‘mini me,’ but a spirit throbbing with its own signature.” – Dr. Shefali Tsabary in “The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children“ The concept of “conscious parenting” has been garnering a lot of attention, but many moms and dads are still wondering what […]

Tantrum Artist

Before I had children, I was not a real “kid person.” If a friend or coworker happened to mutter any maternal babble, I could hardly understand it. “Oh, he … uh, reaches? Wow!” I’d offer, while secretly thinking, “Yeah, well monkeys reach; they also fling their own feces, but take your victories where you find […]

Andrew Solomon on Loving Children Despite Differences

It’s that time of year when parents reexamine their children and find themselves asking, “Who is this stranger living in my home?”   For so many parents, that feeling of, “Who are you?” when looking at their children is like an inescapable déjà vu. And it’s a universal experience. “All of us have children who […]

Hook Ups: A Girl's Perspective on Teen Dating

The rules of high-school romance are much different now than they were in our day. Technology and changing values have shaken up the courting protocol we old-timers used to call dating. Based on interviews with two groups of girls—juniors Abby, Kate and Maddy from New Trier, and seniors Megan, Claire and Rachel from Loyola (names […]

How to Parenting: 7 Tips to Get Kids to Practice

Sports and music are great ways to develop self-discipline and a strong work ethic that can help children succeed later in life.   But in a world of instant gratification, it’s often hard for children to understand that mastering a skill takes time and effort. “I think most kids don’t have the inclination to pick […]

Parenting: Stop the Pressure, Stop the Panic

There are days when running a minefield seems less daunting than raising your kids.   Thankfully there are experts out there who provide a healthy perspective and get us back on track to sane parenting. Dr. Wendy Mogel is one of those experts. Internationally acclaimed clinical psychologist and the author of bestselling parenting books “The […]

Good Parents: A Meditation

Good parents bring notepads to teacher conferences.   They come prepared, ask intelligent, insightful questions. They jot down notes about play dates, private lessons, IQ tests, educational evaluations and semesters with tutors. Sometimes the notepad alleviates boredom. Sometimes it buffers frustration, anger or guilt. Good parents soon discover that while they know how to organize […]

Good Enough is the New Perfect

It’s an amazing feeling to be lost and then feel found. My turnabout came while reading the new book, “Good Enough is the New Perfect: Finding Happiness and Success in Modern Motherhood.” Written by Lincoln Square resident Becky Beaupre Gillespie and West Virginia’s Hollee Schwartz Temple, the book discusses how modern working mothers can have […]

Are You An Overzealous Sports Parent?

If you’re asking yourself whether your enthusiasm for your children’s sports activities is motivating or monster-making, here’s a checklist for you. You may be an overzealous sports parent if: 1.    You can’t always instantly recall your child’s birthday, but you know her batting average. 2.    The mere offer of ice cream can cheer your son […]