Dog Vs. Groomer: When Your Pet Hates Getting Haircuts

A few months ago, I wrote an article for Make It Better about how much my Maltese-Shiatsu Jefe hates my husband Dan.   But there’s one person in the world Jefe hates more than Dan – the dog groomer. In the 7 years we’ve had Jefe, he’s been banned from two grooming establishments because he […]

Pet Options for Kids with Allergies

When a child starts pleading for a cat or dog, many parents are happy to welcome a family pet. But when the child has allergies, the decision gets tougher. The health needs of the child must be considered before the benefits of nurturing an animal. It’s possible to have both. Pet allergies are fairly common. […]

Best Dressed Pet Contest

Do you dress up your pet? Prove it! Send us your best-dressed pet photos, and you could win a $50 gift card to your local pet store.   Whether your pet is wearing a costume, a coordinated outfit or simply a bejewelled collar, put his or her best paw forward and snap that photo. Send […]

Being Sent to 'the Dog House' Has Never Been So Good

Getting sent to “the dog house” might not be such a bad thing anymore. Consider some amenities available to the modern hound:   Doggie day care where the mornings are filled with supervised playtime, a midday nap and then more play “Hotels” or “boarding houses” (we used to call them kennels) where pup can have […]