In Pi We Crust: 8 Amazing Pies in Chicago for Pi Day 2021

If math class taught us one thing, it’s that every year on March 14 we celebrate the mathematical constant known as pi by eating our weight in pie. According to our calculations, Sunday is 3/14, the first three digits of pi. “If you can’t work this equation [to eat pie],” said the Spice Girls, “then […]

The 11 Best Places for Pie in Chicago

Math nerds and pastry lovers rejoice! March 14 is the annual celebration of Pi Day, and that’s “Pi” as in the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, best known as 3.14, thus March 14! To celebrate, some people run in circles, but folks in the know use Pi Day as an excuse to […]

New in Town: Homemade Treats at Windy City Pie Co

Sara Montmorency grew up cooking with her mom and grandma, though she didn’t see it as a career initially. So she pursued a fine arts degree in college and then a master’s in business. But, she’s always loved pie, so she returned to the kitchen. After three years of farmers’ market booths (you might know […]