What You Need to Know About Your Teen’s Brain on Marijuana

Opinions about marijuana are changing. Greater social acceptance is evidenced by the drug’s legalization in some states, calls for decriminalization by politicians in others, and even Kathy Bates’ new television series “Disjointed,” about the owner of a Los Angeles cannabis dispensary. Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States by teens […]

My Husband Left His Law Firm to Sell Pot

When my husband called from work last August to announce he was going to quit his steady job to pursue his dream of starting a business, I wish I could say I was entirely supportive. That there wasn’t a pit in my stomach at the thought of him sacrificing his stable law career to work […]

The Case Against Pot and Your Teen

Dope. Bud. Weed. Purple Hurkel. The Devil’s Lettuce. Whatever they call it, kids are smoking it. Legalization doesn’t help, particularly in Colorado, which is already long down the legalization path. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper said his state should be the guinea pig for any other state considering legalizing marijuana. Whatever Illinois decides to do, the facts […]