9 Steps to an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

The kitchen? We’re fans – that’s where the food is, after all. But it’s also the heart of the home, a warm and welcoming place to gather. So why not make your kitchen as friendly to the environment as it is to your family and friends? Whether you’re renovating or just greening the lily, so […]

Where to Sell, Donate or Recycle Everything

Before the holidays, it’s helpful to clear out some of the clutter. Here are the best places to sell, donate and recycle all those household items you no longer want. Clothing Donate: NCJW’s Encore and More, 1107 Central Ave., Wilmette Details: Request a receipt for the contribution. Itemize your donations and list their current market value. […]

Packing Waste Free Lunches for Kids

I’m policing a cafeteria recycling bin, directing students like a traffic cop: “That goes in the garbage; remove that straw and put the milk carton in here; dump the mac-n-cheese before you toss the container in the blue bin.”   Welcome to Trash-Free Friday. That’s when North Shore students and nationwide are challenged to eliminate […]

A Guide to Going Green: Tips to Get Past Your Guilt

It’s the Tao of Kermit: It isn’t easy being green. Maybe you see the signs—“eco-friendly,” “organic” and “all-natural” and get overwhelmed by the choices. Or maybe you already do a lot to go green but feel like it’s never enough. Get over yourself already. “I like to think of ‘green’ on a continuum,” says Cecelia […]