North Shore 'Cougar' Tells Women How to Make the Most of Midlife

Self-proclaimed cougar KarenLee Poter believes that the second half of life is an incredible opportunity for women and the vibrant 50-something is having a rollicking good time to prove it. She’s in a committed relationship with a younger man, has a sexy web-based show that has garnered 2 million views, and has written a new […]

Hook Ups: A Girl's Perspective on Teen Dating

The rules of high-school romance are much different now than they were in our day. Technology and changing values have shaken up the courting protocol we old-timers used to call dating. Based on interviews with two groups of girls—juniors Abby, Kate and Maddy from New Trier, and seniors Megan, Claire and Rachel from Loyola (names […]

Swingers on the North Shore—More than Myth

We’ve all heard rumors about the famous swing or “key” parties that take place among married couples on the North Shore. In Glencoe they say it’s happening in Wilmette. In Wilmette, they insist Winnetka’s the place. In Winnetka, they point to Highland Park. Many readers have expressed curiosity about the subject, so I’ve been asking […]

Do You Treat Your Dog Better Than Your Spouse?

“She’s so abusive!”  “He’s not attentive.”  “I don’t like the way she treats me.”  “He’s never around.”   These are some of the comments life counselor Robin Mitzen hears from married couples who are in therapy with her. Some of the things I hear from both men and women are so much worse, I can’t […]

Can Relationships Make Us Sick?

My heart was breaking, I couldn’t get through a day without tears and I was an emotional wreck.   That was 5 years ago, when my ex-husband and I were on the verge of divorce. But there were physical symptoms, too. I was nauseous all the time, I was experiencing frequent stomach pain, I had […]

Women Who Leave Men for Other Women

Actresses Cynthia Nixon and Meredith Baxter have been talking about a pivotal change that came later in their lives, and we’re not talking about menopause. After longtime relationships with men, these women are now in committed romantic relationships with other women. This isn’t just a Hollywood trend. Shayna Goldstein, a licensed marriage and family therapist […]

Not This Year, Dear: Turning On the Sexless Marriage

Has it been a while since you had sex with your husband? If so, you’re not alone. The US Health and Social Life Survey found that 20% of married couples have sexless marriages, defined as having sex fewer than ten times per year. The reasons for the lack of sex vary. Some couples never had […]