On the Market: 6 Luxury Retirement Communities Across the Country

Some people can’t wait until they’re able to leave the office for the last time, fantasizing about all the new adventures they’ll have in retirement. Others dread the milestone, wondering how they’ll stay productive and fill their days. These posh, amenity-rich communities in idyllic locales will no doubt hold appeal for those in either camp. […]

7 Things Wealthy People Do to Stay Rich

Whether you’re content with your current financial situation — and want it to stay that way — or aiming to increase your wealth, learn the secrets that keep wealthy people on top, both financially and professionally. 1. Be Prepared It may be hard to grasp the fact that you’re putting money aside for 20, 30, […]

Why Long-Term Care Insurance Is Hot (Yes, HOT!)

We spend time and money every month to look and feel our best. Hair color, facials, new make-up, “premium” denim, yoga, pilates, gym memberships, marathon training … you get the picture. All this is done to contribute to our well being, our physical and mental state, our confidence.   And confidence, to me, is hot. […]