Best of 2011 North Shore: Preservationists

Whether you believe what’s old is new again, subscribe to the green mantra repurpose and reuse, or just need to find a doorknob to match the others in your 1920s bungalow, we’ve got the best places to go. Al Bar Wilmette Platers, Wilmette In business since 1937, Al Bar has the go-to-guys for anything from […]

Rain Barrels are Back...and Available for Purchase

Remember the gigantic rain barrel that the “Petticoat Junction” girls splashed around in? No need to tax your memory (what’s left of it!) because you’ll soon have the opportunity to have a rain barrel of your very own. Chicago’s Water Reclamation District is now selling rain barrels for individual household use. OK, so they aren’t […]

A Guide to Going Green: Tips to Get Past Your Guilt

It’s the Tao of Kermit: It isn’t easy being green. Maybe you see the signs—“eco-friendly,” “organic” and “all-natural” and get overwhelmed by the choices. Or maybe you already do a lot to go green but feel like it’s never enough. Get over yourself already. “I like to think of ‘green’ on a continuum,” says Cecelia […]