7 Virtual Races You Can Run in Chicago This Summer

In a normal year, the start of warm weather means the start of marathon season. But hundreds—and sometimes thousands—of people packed together on the streets, sweating and breathing on each other is an epidemiological nightmare. So, it’s no surprise that race season in its most familiar form has been cancelled this year. But weep not, […]

3 Fun Themed Races That Give Back This Season

The Chicago Marathon is behind us, but it’s hardly the end of race season. Sign up for one of these (way less intense) themed runs — each of which benefits an incredible charity — and prepare to feel good inside and out. Nov. 10: Hot Cider Hustle 8K Walk or run to raise awareness and […]

8 Charity Runs to Register for This July

One thing active Chicagoans love about our far-too-short warm weather season is that it’s finally time to take that workout outside. Whether that means training intensely for a marathon or simply walking around the block for a breath of fresh air, it’s the perfect time to start pounding the pavement. Need some extra motivation? Run […]

7 Chicago Races to Run (or Walk!) for Charity This June

Updated June 6, 2018. There are so many reasons to go for a run. It’s a surefire way to improve your overall fitness — quickly burning large amounts of calories, increasing your endurance, and boosting your heart health. It’s also incredibly efficient and cost-effective since it requires very minimal equipment, unlike other forms of exercise. […]

Get Active and Give Back This Fall With These 6 Runs and Walks

Fall is upon us: the kids have returned to school, extracurricular activities are in full swing and the days until temperatures plunge to single digits are numbered. While you may be missing the lazy days of summer spent with family and friends, take advantage of the crisp autumn weather as a great time to get […]

Become a Runner and Train for a 5K

Looking to increase your fitness, without spending lots of time or money? Consider running! While marathoning may not be in your future, working up to a 5K is a reasonable goal. According to Dr. Eric Chehab, a physician with Illinois Bone and Joint Institute, “Running is a terrific cardiovascular exercise, one of the best. Secondly, […]

How to Run Right: From Shoes to Injury Prevention

Running shoes these days are insanely pricey. But good running shoes are important, right? When it comes to all the gimmicks, the real question is: are they necessary? Do you have to spend $140 on new shoes, or will a $60 pair do? According to Dr. Renee Scola of Chicago Lake Shore Medical Associates, comfort […]

Ann Patchett Talks About Her New Book, “State of Wonder”

Ann Patchett’s newest book is “State of Wonder,” about a pharmaceutical researcher, Marina Singh, who must travel to the Amazon jungle after a colleague’s mysterious death. When did you know you wanted to be a writer? I knew when I was 5 years old. It’s the one true thing about me that I’ve always known […]

Running with a Dog

My running partner is tall, dark, handsome, fit, loving and always ready for adventure.   His name is Jet, and he is my dog. Training, treats, patience, and finally, Jet is a great companion on my morning runs. Running is a great way for you and your dog to stay fit, expend energy in a […]