7 Bay Area Restaurants Serving Up Delicious Sustainable Seafood

When former President Barack Obama rolled into San Francisco in 2016, he went to dinner with Silicon Valley moguls at 25 Lusk in San Francisco, where he dined on a double dose of a yellowtail sashimi appetizer for dinner. While perhaps not intentional, Obama was following a sustainability trend — eating at restaurants committed to […]

Chicago is Your Oyster: The Best Oyster Restaurants in Town

Though they’re currently surging in popularity, oysters have been a part of the Chicago dining experience since before the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. In mid-19th-century Chicago, the biggest and best-known restaurants in the city were in hotels, like the Tremont Hotel and Sherman House. The menus at these hotel-restaurants followed the French tradition: Dishes […]

9 Foods You Should Be Eating to Boost Brain Power

You know carrots are great for your eyes and that milk does wonders for your bones, but what about your brain? A diet filled with nutrient-rich foods can be a game-changer for your brain, improving your decision-making and problem-solving skills, as well as sharpening your focus and boosting your memory, explains Matthew Kuchan, Ph.D., lead scientist and […]

A Fish Tale: 16 Great Chicago Seafood Restaurants

Everyone knows that Chicago — smack-dab in the heart of the Midwest and in-between coasts — is a hard-core steak town. But man does not live by red meat alone, especially if he wants to live for a while. So look to the water, be it lake, river or sea, for your next hit of […]

Sautéed Soft Shell Crabs Two Ways

Finally! It is soft shell crab season. My husband and I love to enjoy them simply sautéed and served with quinoa or couscous and sautéed fresh-shelled peas. Later in the summer when the weather is hot, we enjoy the sautéed crabs without the sauce over a simple Caesar salad. I look for live soft shell […]

Depot Nuevo’s Famous Ceviche Recipe

Hold on to that last gasp of summer with this healthy, low-calorie recipe from Wilmette’s Depot Nuevo. It’s the perfect dish to accompany a margarita on the patio. Don’t skimp on ingredients; finding the freshest seafood is a must to optimize this dish. Ceviche 2/3 pound peeled, deveined raw shrimp 2/3 pound raw bay scallops […]