Improv for Seniors: Laughter is Good for the Soul

Chicago is well known for improvisational comedy.   There’s the famous Second City troupe and, more recently, the imrov comedy group at Vi at The Glen. The group was originally formed in 2003 and has been active ever since. The core team of 8 to 10 residents typically meets every Wednesday to practice, engage and […]

Rollie Schmitt: Sailing Through Life

Rollie Schmitt has been sailing through life—literally—since the age of ten.   Along the way she has been sharing her love of sailing with hundreds of young girls as the leader of the Wilmette Mariners Girl Scout Troop 401. The Wilmette Mariners program started in the 1930s and is believed to be one of only […]

Greeting the North Shore: Retired, but Entrepreneurs

As Baby Boomers move into “older adulthood,” one common theme that resonates is the strong desire to make a meaningful contribution. Whether it’s volunteering, running a small business or mentoring someone, many adults want to do something that keeps them happy and involved. Brian Bourke of Evanston is doing just that.  And he’s combined his […]

Elinor Miller: Aging In Place on The North Shore

“The older Elinor becomes, the younger she gets,” said Kathy Brock, ABC-7 co-anchor.   Former next-door neighbor to Elinor Miller, the 96-year-old “treasure” and matriarch to her block on Lincoln Ave. in Winnetka. Since 1948, when she moved to the block, Elinor has been making friends, sharing her wisdom and filling the role as a […]

Does Alzheimer’s Prevention Work?

Today more than 5.4 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease.   Studies suggest that strategies for healthy aging may help keep your brain fit and could be a deterrent to the disease. Although there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, a brand new book by Dr. Gary Small, best-selling author and educator, offers a program […]

Role Models for Positive Aging

Getting older is more than the years that pass … it’s a journey.   For some, the journey is shortened by circumstances, such as health, or predetermined by genetics. Some aging experts believe that we can extend our genetic predisposition by living a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, we have the power to shorten […]

Advice for the Ages

We spoke with older adults and asked them to look back and offer advice to their younger selves.   Interesting to say the least. Some were quick and decisive with their answers, several needed time to ponder, but all gave advice that reflects the wisdom and understanding that comes with a life well lived. Dave […]

The Future of Senior Living

“I plan to live in my home for the rest of my life,” says Evanston resident Alan Lieberman.   “I’ll remain living in an urban environment with people of all ages because it helps me stay younger and more vital.”  His sentiment echoes the majority of baby boomers.  The Liebermans plan to “age in place.” […]