How to Burn More Calories During Your Favorite Workouts

It’s no wonder High-Intensity Interval Training, aka “HIIT,” workouts have become so popular. These workouts alternate intense bursts of heart-pumping exercises with short periods of rest, putting them at a calorie-burning advantage. In fact, you can think of HIIT workouts as a “BOGO” in the fitness world: The exercises creates an oxygen deficit that your […]

Incredible Kids: Reilly Lanigan, National-Level Swimmer

Many student athletes can feel torn between their academic and athletic commitments. Not so for Reilly Lanigan, a junior at Lake Forest High School and a National-level swimmer with her eye on Olympic trials, who thinks success in the classroom and the pool go hand-in-hand. “Swimming teaches life lessons,” says Lanigan, who has been a […]

Know Before You Go: Waterparks

Chicago’s North Shore offers plenty of water play alternatives to a trip to the beach.   If you’re looking for a local waterpark, you’re sure to find one on this list that’s close to you. Before you go, consider: 1. Your kids’ ages: It’s worth the effort to do a little research before you fork […]

Swimming: The Benefits of Getting All Wet

I’ve heard all the excuses: chlorine dries out my hair, I don’t have a swim suit, my goggles leak, I can’t get the breathing, the water is cold, and it’s boring. The benefits of swimming are superior to any other activity. Here are compelling reasons to drop the excuses and take the plunge. Swimming is […]

Olympic Medal Winner Donates Private Swim Clinic

“When one of my teammates win, we all win,” says Matt Grevers, 3-time Olympic medalist. In a world where celebrity is often about self-indulgence, Grevers brings pride and dedication to his life and his commitment to swimming. In fact, this Lake Forest native has donated a swim clinic for 10 children to the first annual […]

Swimming to Fight Parkinson's

Susan Kauffman of Lake Forest is a child of the water. She started swimming at 5, competed on the varsity team through high school and earned a swimming scholarship to Villanova. Now she coaches a children’s swim team and teaches swimming. So, it’s no wonder that when the mother of three decided to raise money […]