The Right Way to Talk to Kids About Smoking

Nearly nine out of 10 adult smokers started before age 18. Their lifelong health will be impacted by a poor decision made as a child. How can parents help kids steer clear of smoking? Don’t preach or give a speech. Have honest, ongoing conversations about the dangers of tobacco and e-cigarettes. An estimated 4.6 million middle […]

What Parents Should Know About Giving Tweens a Phone

The number of kids with smartphones has increased dramatically. Parents considering getting their child a phone face many questions: What is the best age to give the child a phone? What kind of phone is best? What rules need to be established before giving the phone to the child? We tapped experts on technology and […]

2012 Gift Guide: For Tweens

When your kids start thumbing their noses at tricycles and tea sets, it’s time to expand the pool of potential gift ideas.   We’ve got suggestions for those “in-between” girls and boys:   Vera Bradley bag and wristletIf you’re trying to spot a tween girl in the jungle, just look for the Vera Bradley bag. […]

Middle School: 10 Things Your Kids Can and Should Do

It will make your life easier!   It’s tough to be in middle school: too young to do everything you want to do, yet feeling too old for the things you used to do. It’s the perfect age to start developing some real adult-level life skills. Not only are these worthwhile things to know, but […]