Cheryl Strayed on Her Bestseller "Wild" and Being Honest

“I wish we could be braver.” It was an answer to a question unrelated to my conversation with best-selling author Cheryl Strayed. I asked her about a project of her husband’s (documentarian Brian Lindstrom), a story about a mentally ill man that died in police custody. Was there anything to be learned from that experience that could be applied […]

North Shore Flick Chick: Must-See Holiday Movies

The threat of another polar vortex aside, there is plenty to look forward to as 2014 comes to a close, especially in theaters. So when you’re not stuffing yourself silly with turkey and all the fixings or baking cookies for that annual exchange, set aside some time to take in a movie or two this […]

Giving Thanks for These Books

The beauty of being a book lover? Everyone’s got a different list of favorites—there’s no shortage of suggestions from friends and family. Since Thanksgiving is mere weeks away, you may be looking for a few books to bury your nose in when the fam starts talking politics, the election, how to bake the bird … […]