You Said It: Radical Generosity Chicago Is Connecting, Motivating and Mobilizing to Assist Families in Need

Amidst the beautiful, towering skyline of Chicago lies a silent crisis — a staggering 68,000 souls, unsheltered and struggling. Radical Generosity Chicago, a 501(c)(3) organization, encourages families to not just witness this plight but to step into the narrative, to feel the brutal winter wind that these individuals endure daily. Engage, not out of obligation, […]

You Said It: Japan’s 3.11 and the Road to Recovery  

Japan holds a very special place in my personal and professional life. I have walked the Nakasendo, hiked the Michinoku Coastal Trail; paddled the mangroves of Amami and Iriomotejima; climbed Mt. Fuji; bathed in countless onsen and sento for my book, “The Way of the Japanese Bath”; documented the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in the […]

You Said It: The Holiday Season Can Be as Difficult as It Is Delightful — How to Give the Gift of Your Best Self This Year 

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” We can’t help wondering if Edward Pola and George Wyle, who wrote this famous Christmas tune — popularized by Andy Williams — meant for their lyrics to be sung with a touch of sarcasm. As much as we may want this time of year to be the hap-happiest season […]

You Said It: The World Can Be Overwhelming — Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center Is Committed to Bringing Peace

Imagine a beautiful, verdant garden with curling grape vines, ruby strawberries and a soft breeze passing through the trees. You feel at peace. But how would you feel about this lovely moment in nature if you had experienced living outside alone?  Welcome to the Above and Beyond Healing Garden, an oasis in the expanse of […]