LFLB ArtsLink Unites Communities’ Arts and Culture Organizations

LFLB ArtsLink is exactly the right program for the times. Seventeen outstanding Lake Forest and Lake Bluff arts programs have pooled their resources and connected online to promote their programs more effectively, thanks to the vision and leadership of the LFLB Chamber of Commerce and substantial sponsorship by BMO Harris.

LFLB ArtsLink should eliminate duplication of services and create substantial synergies to help each organization reach a far broader audience than it would have alone. The whole will be far greater than the sum of its parts.

“We all assume that the entities that we love in our community will go on forever. But, all of them need audiences outside of LFLB to do so,” Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Chamber Director Joanna Rolek explains. “We’re finding ways to create an economy of scale and let the public know what is coming up. The collaborative promotion has been a big focus.

“But, the other wonderful thing is the synergies and new relationships here,” Rolek says. “It’s all about community engagement.”

This engagement is further enhanced with the help of LFLBArtsLink.com, which provides an online connection to the program where LFLB’s younger and web-driven audiences can find resources and maintain community. ArtsLinks participants include:

Arts Organizations & Galleries

Community Center





In celebration of this smart new private/public partnership, the village governments and chamber have proclaimed November “Arts & Culture Month.” Throughout the month, the downtown Lake Forest BMO Harris branch is shining a spotlight on the arts and offering an ArtsLink raffle in its lobby. The winner will be drawn on Dec. 1.

“We want to be more involved in the community,” Michael Manson, the bank’s manager, says. “We found that Lake Forest and Lake Bluff are very proud of their history, arts and culture and ArtsLink [is now] the driving force behind supporting this.” The bank believes it will be part of a great success through its support of this program.

Make It Better proudly supports LFLB ArtsLink too. It’s a model virtuous circle, allowing our community to find and support the best in local arts programing.

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