Valslist: Artists Who Give Back

Musicians and songwriters give us their gifts. Melodies. Harmonies. Lyrics. Dance Beats. Personality. Stage Presence. Now that’s entertainment.

But some artists go above and beyond the call. They create music for a cause, to benefit the needy. Their music moves us, changes us, improves us, makes us think and calls us to action. I received an email the other day from one such artist …

Andrew Kelley Simons found out about Valslist from reading Make It Better—one of his bandmates has an aunt who lives in Northfield. Andrew wrote a song for the organization Soles4Souls, which provides provide shoes for kids in Africa. For many of the children, it is their first and only pair. When you buy his song on iTunes, you donate a pair of shoes to a child. The song, “In Front of You,” is amazing.

The music video for the song is a heart-warming glimpse of little kids eagerly standing in line to have their feet washed in a big basin of soapy water, towel dried and then properly sized for their very own pair of shoes. When you watch this video, you know they’re much more than shoes: They are magic slippers.

Please help this artist give back even more, by buying his song on iTunes for 99 cents—and know that you’ve helped a child take a step forward.

Playlist: Thanks For Giving (perfect for holiday entertaining)

1.    “In Front of You” by Andrew Kelley Simons
2.    “Warm Whispers” by Missy Higgins
3.    “Dirt Floor” by Ollabelle
4.    “I Will Take You There” by Gomez
5.    “Way to the Future” by Katie Herzig
6.    “Further Away” by Ben Howard
7.    “In Real Life” by Demi Lovato
8.    “State/Meant” by Megafaun
9.    “How’d You Like That” by The Kooks

To download this playlist, visit

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