Where’s the Beef? At Pete Miller’s

There are times when a girl needs a piece of red meat and nothing else will do. When that occasion arises, I recommend that you head over to Pete Miller’s in Wheeling.

If that’s too far afield of your stomping grounds, never fear, they have an Evanston location with the same menu and similar clubby atmosphere. An added bonus: Live jazz is often available as well, no cover, no minimum.

But you’ll want to eat.

Four hungry people and a large and varied menu to choose from—the possibilities are endless. Start with one of their fabulous Martinis (the pomegranate tang of the Metropolitan is a favorite) or a generously poured wine by the glass. The bartenders are kept seriously busy by the constant parade of bar traffic; luckily our server did the heavy lifting for us.

The hot Spinach and Artichoke Fondue ($9.99), served with crispy Crostini (ask for more, you’ll need them), was a worthwhile calorie indulgence. The Caesar Salad ($6.99) was split for us in the kitchen, a genteel touch I always appreciate.

My guests weren’t thrilled when I suggested that not everyone could get a steak; but we were doing a review, after all. Usually I’m a terrific hostess, but in this case, I claimed the small Filet Au Poivre ($34.99) for myself. Did I mention it was time for red meat?

It arrived in all it’s juicy, spicy, medium-rare goodness, set off beautifully by the cognac-mushroom sauce. The char on the exterior was perfect. The Prime Cheddar Burger ($10.49) was also precisely cooked as ordered, but then, this kitchen knows its meat—and its grill.


Seafood dishes were also a hit: the sushi-grade grilled Tuna Loin ($23.99), accompanied by garlic-mashed potatoes and a soy-ginger glaze, cooked to a turn, was delectable. The classic Shrimp DeJonghe ($23.99) was awash in a sea of garlic butter (that’s a good thing!), baked with Parmesan cheese and served over fettuccine, as requested.

Pete’s sides are a force to be reckoned with; try the Creamed Spinach (with bacon!) and the Twice-Baked Potato. You won’t be sorry. Desserts are large, sweet and pretty straightforward classic American (think Cheesecake, Ice Cream Sundaes, etc.). But after all the cholesterol we had previously ingested, dessert wasn’t in the cards.  So off we metaphorically waddled into the sunset, cravings sated. That is, until next visit. I’m thinking Porterhouse.



Pete Miller’s
Seafood and Prime Steak
412 North Milwaukee Ave.

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