Quarantine Week 3: Here Are 5 Things To Keep You Sane

Quarantine Week 3: Ways to Stay Sane Indoors

Despite the dire headlines surrounding us, we are dedicating this week to positivity and finding the good news where we can, while we safely shelter-in-place. Want to join us? Here are five ways to stay sane—and positive—during our third week of protecting ourselves, and others.

Bring the Outdoors In


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If you live in the city, getting fresh air while also distancing yourself from others can be challenging. If you’re missing seeing the spring blooms, why not bring the outdoors in? Plants can provide a number of psychological benefits, including stress relief, so now is the perfect time to order a houseplant, Easter centerpiece or send a bouquet to a healthcare worker. Local garden stores like Chalet Nursery, Flowers for Dreams and Plant Shop Chicago are offering no-contact order options, like delivery or curbside pick-up, so you can support local, too.

Take a Break from the Screen


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You may have heard that sales of jigsaw puzzles are through the roof, and for good reason. Spending an afternoon—or weekend—tackling a 1,000-piece puzzle can be calming and stress-relieving (as long as you don’t lose that last piece!). We love Transit Tees Chicago-themed puzzles and Lemonade Pursuits eco-friendly puzzles (a woman-owned company that gives 10% of every dollar spent to support female artists).

Remember the Good Times By Bingeing Your Favorite Series

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Something that always lifts our spirits is rewatching favorite shows. It brings back fond memories of happier times, and even if you have episodes memorized, your family or friends you are quarantined with might want to see what all the fuss is about, finally. Here are some favorites, plus ways to watch:

“The Brady Bunch” Amazon Prime Video
“The Office” Netflix
“The Golden Girls” Hulu
“Seinfeld” Hulu
Gilmore Girls” Netflix
“New Girl” Netflix
“Cheers” Amazon Prime Video
“30 Rock” Netflix

Join the Sourdough Bandwagon


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It seems everyone is panic baking right now and for good reason. Not only does does it keep you busy and away from the screen, but good, homemade comfort food is something we all deserve now more than ever. Sourdough bread, which may seem intimidating, is actually not that hard to master, as long as you can get the ingredients. Challenger Breadware, a local company, is sharing their sourdough knowledge on their Instagram, and they also shared a list of local farms and mills to order bread flour and other supplies from.

Connect with Friends Over a Good Book

virtual bookclub

Keeping in touch virtually with family and friends is more important than ever, and thankfully there are many innovative ways to connect. We love the idea of starting a virtual book club (it’s not as hard as it sounds!). Some of us feel shorter on time than ever (here’s looking at you, working parents juggling homeschooling kids), but if you feel the boredom creeping in, now’s the time to get that stack of books collecting dust or order the book you heard rave reviews about. Remember to support local, too—bookstores are deemed non-essential at this time, but some are offering delivery straight from the manufacturer including local favorites like The Book Stall, The Book Cellar and Uncharted Books.

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