Watch: CBS Chicago Highlights Bright Endeavors, the Candle Company That Helps Fund Philanthropy Award Winner New Moms

On Dec. 2, CBS Chicago featured nonprofit New Moms and their social enterprise, the candle company Bright Endeavors, in a segment with Suzanne Le Mignot. Since 1983, New Moms has provided unconditional and meaningful support to young moms who “want to find a safe place to live, get a quality job, and give their children a brighter future — even if they have no idea of where to start.”

A Make It Better Foundation Philanthropy Award winner in 2017, New Moms is committed to help young mothers “foster positive family relationships, while supporting transformation in the areas of education, health, employment and housing.” Bright Endeavors is a paid job training program for their young moms, where they learn critical skills that allow them to work toward bright futures. 100% of proceeds support their mission.

For more information or to donate to their cause, visit the New Moms website, or purchase candles from Bright Endeavors.