Book for Grads (and Anyone Looking for a Job)

Looking for a book to give a new grad (that’s not “Oh The Places You’ll Go)?

This gift season, I’m giving,  “From Values to Action: Four Principles to Values-Based Leadership” by Harry Kraemer.

Wilmette resident and successful businessman, Kraemer offers great advice for graduates who feel the incredible pressure of “I’ve got to get a job.”  This father of 5 encourages graduates to take the time to ask: What do I really want to do? What kind of career do I want? How do I make sure that I remain myself instead of letting the job and others define my success?

Kraemer suggests drawing 3 columns on a legal pad and filling in the space:

  • Things I Love Doing
  • Things I Prefer Not to Do
  • Careers/Jobs that Maximize the 1st Column and Minimize the 2nd

Kraemer acknowledges that this economy makes it very difficult for graduates and job-seekers to get hired for specific positions they want at a particular company.

“If you know what you think you want to do, then you have to figure out a way to get in there—even if that means accepting an internship,” Kraemer recommends. If the only available position is in bookkeeping, and the degree is in marketing, Kraemer encourages the graduate to highlight any past experience in bookkeeping and go for the job.

His book provides excellent values-based leadership principles and decision-making tools that help in life and on the job.  For more information, check out his website:

The book is available at The Book Stall.

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