Tweet These Gals to Dallas

Two North Shore moms are on their way to Dallas for the Super Bowl, but not by plane or train—by tweet!

Jennie Marshall and Meredith Sinclair are contestants in the Mercedes Benz Tweet Race.

The team—hashtag #MBteamGL—will be driving in an actual Mercedes Benz SUV. They leave Chicago on Wednesday, February 2 headed toward Dallas in a car with a “tweet meter” that’s fueled by tweets. The women will be racing against three other teams to get the most tweets that have their hash tag repeated in the message.

After leaving Chicago, the gals head to Minnesota, then Kansas and finally Dallas, but only if fueled by supporters’ tweets.

“We’re busy working on some fun stuff,” says Meredith. The two have planned videos and ideas to generate interest and keep fans engaged.

“We bought tiny medal trophies and we’ll be giving out ‘Best Places to Pee’ awards as we go,” she says. We’re sure the gas stations in Minneapolis are busy polishing and cleaning in anticipation!

To make sure Meredith and Jenny don’t get stranded in a Kansas cornfield, retweet their posts starting on Wednesday. To follow them on Facebook go to Team@Hoo-dee-hoo, on Twitter @hoo_dee_hoo or @nuckingfutsmama.

And you can be sure that Make It Better (@makeitbetterNS) will be following and retweeting the hashtag #MBteamGL, too.