Best Low Cal Date Night Dinners

If you’re on a diet but still want to go out, here are some of my fave entrees that you can enjoy and still lose weight. Summer is coming . . .

1. Bob Chinn’s Crabhouse Restaurant
Order: Steamed Alaskan King Crab. I also like their raw bar (oysters, sashimi), salad bar (they have non-fat and low-fat salad dressings) or an order of steamed shrimp or clams.

2. Avli Restaurant
Order: Salmon with Orzo and Fennel or Salmon and Vegetable Steamed in Parchment Paper. Yum!

3. Pine Yard
Order: Sizzling Rice Soup with chicken or shrimp–hold the rice.

4. Stir Crazy

Order: A “do it yourself type meal.” Choose from a large selection of vegetables, meats and fish to stir fry together. Request that they be cooked in broth instead of oil. I love the Fuji Tuna Salad (wasabi soy dressing on the side and use sparingly) and always order a serving of edamame.

5. Flat Top Grill
Order: Another great place where you get to choose and they stir fry. Look for the large blackboard behind the food bar. It lists the calorie information for each sauce. It even lists the number of Weight Watcher points associated with each sauce. Choose wisely and you can have a delicious guilt-free meal.

6. Di Pescara
Order: Large Orchard or Chopped Salad. Add chicken breast, poached salmon or shrimp and their tasty low-cal dressing. Also try the Double Dip Shrimp Cocktail. Curbside carryout available.

Honorable Mentions:

Order: Japanese Miso Noodles with tofu, vegetables and greens in a miso soup broth or Lulu’s Ginger Chicken Salad; hold the wontons and ask for the dressing on the side. I also love the Citrus Salmon Salad.

Order: Grilled Salmon Salad with Asian Orange Dressing on the side. Also love their veggie miso soup and their sushi and sashimi.