Healthy Ways to Eat Thanksgiving Leftovers

We get it. Everyone splurges on Thanksgiving, and you should!


But now you have a fridge full of leftovers tempting you to indulge in your turkey day feast all over again, so we’ve found a few solutions so you can have your turkey and eat it too.

Eat: Turkey wrap with cranberries
Skip: Turkey sandwich with gravy on a dinner roll 

Opt for the leftover white meat turkey without the skin and its only about 150 calories per serving. A whole-wheat tortilla is also a much better option than the dinner roll, which will set you back up to 200 calories. Add flavor with cranberry sauce instead of gravy.


Eat: Stuffing hashbrowns with an egg
Skip: Stuffing casserole or strata

Stuffing itself is not the healthiest of leftovers, but baking it with cheese and butter only makes matters worse. Instead, make small pancakes out of leftover stuffing; brown them in a pan until crispy and top with a poached egg. Use a non-stick cast iron frying pan and a touch of olive oil for browning and you have yourself a healthy day-after-Thanksgiving brunch.


Eat: Turkey and mashed potato omelet
Skip: Fried mashed potato cakes

Instead of deep frying those leftover mashed potatoes, enjoy a guilt-free omelet by mixing mashed potatoes with egg whites (about 2 tablespoons of potatoes for each egg). Add leftover turkey and vegetables to your omelet for the perfect post-feast breakfast. (And if you do use the whole egg, it’s still only 70 calories per egg and is loaded with lots of great nutrients.)


Eat: Cranberry bruschetta
Skip: Cranberry pie á la mode  

After indulging in pumpkin pie last night, try to resist the temptation to make another baked fruit dessert (it’s hard, I know!). For a sweet, savory treat with way less calories, toast leftover bread in the oven and top with cranberry sauce and a sprinkling of blue cheese.