Kids and Clutter: Favorite Products for Cleaning up Bedrooms

Guide to an Organized Home

When it comes to your children’s messy rooms, you can do more than just shut the door.

As with anything in life, you need to give your kids the proper tools to succeed. In this case, fun and colorful storage solutions designed to inspire even the messiest of munchkins. And if you’re wondering how to get your children on board, check out: Your Kid’s Room: Knowing When to Let it Go.

Double duty furniture

Think of furniture as the foundation for order. Look for case pieces with storage options; everything from the nightstand to the desk (even under the bed) should have space and a place to stash.

Room and Board’s Moda line comes with plenty of storage, from nightstand to cubby to organized desk, in your choice of colors.

Serena & Lilly’s storage bench offers the perfect perch for taking off your shoes and putting them away.










And don’t forget under the bed is the perfect place to store off-season clothes or the Lego blocks when playtime is done.

Clear the clutter off the floor

If you’ve abandoned hope of clothes being folded and put away, at least give your child an age and style-appropriate place to hang their apparel that’s not only easy but fun.

Look for hooks for hanging

Branch out of the closet with a hall tree

Coral the little stuff

Let’s face it, hoarding comes naturally to humans, even the little ones. The trick is finding ways to control and store. Whether it’s Barbie dolls, baseball hats, handbags, or hair ties, here are some of our favorite solutions.

For Barbie dolls, stuffed animals or action figures gone wild

For all the baseball hats from every team, city and country

For anything little, a clear solution

Vignettes for the very young

With a few shelves artfully hung on the wall, you and your child can put the spotlight on any cherished collection, from hockey pucks to photo frames to Lego creations.

And don’t forget a bookcase that can and should do more than just inspire reading.