10 Snacks for Your Health

“Mom! “I’m hungry!”

If you’re looking for a snack idea that doesn’t involve a foil wrapper, Walsh Natural Health owner Lynn Bednar offers up 10 more great ideas that can make snacking a healthy experience.


1. Non-genetically-modified popcorn popped in coconut oil.


2. Apples and organic nut butter, such as
peanut, almond, or sunflower.


3. Healthy corn chips (such as Frontera’s offerings) with guacamole or salsa.

healthysnacks-coconutoil4. If you bake—use coconut oil instead of butter or margarine, use organic sugar, cut sugar by 20% or to taste, or use xylitol in place of sugar (works 1:1).

5. Greek yogurt and fruit. Buy unsweetened yogurt and mix with raw honey (wildflower and local is best—farmers’ markets are a good source), agave nectar or a small amount of stevia. Yogurt is a great dip for fruits if you mix with a little organic brown sugar or any of the sweeteners mentioned above.


6. Get some good quality dark or semi-sweet chocolate; melt and dip fruit in it.


7. Sesmarck rice crackers and aged cheddar or other cheeses. She also likes the Crunchmaster crackers at Fresh Market.


8. Fruit-flavored flax or fish oil by Barleans. It sounds gross, but is really good and kids love it. The flax oil comes in strawberry banana, pomegranate blueberry and orange cream (think dreamsicle). And the fish oil flavors are lemon and key lime. They’re also great to add to a smoothie. Most kids really need the healthy oil.


9. Trail mix is great. Any kind of nuts, dried fruits (look for unsulfured ones) and chocolate chips.


10. Whole grain bread dipped in flavored olive oil and grated parmesan.