Does More Expensive Cashmere Mean Better Quality?

Nothing warms me softer and better than cashmere during these cold February days.


So that got me thinking about the variety of cashmeres available. Is there a difference between the cashmere I buy at Nordstrom versus the cashmere I see at Costco? After a little research, this is what I learned:

High quality cashmere is always hand-combed from the cashmere goats that are primarily raised in China and Mongolia. This process is very labor intensive.

Cashmere in its original form comes in a variety of neutral shades from white to a brown, with the lighter colors being rarer. Light-colored cashmere requires less dye. This is important because dying the fibers harms the cashmere’s texture. In needing less dye, the cashmere maintains its soft texture (so the feel of cashmere can tell you a lot!).

Cashmere fiber is also priced by its length. The longer fibers make stronger yarn that pills less (two strands of yarn are often used making it twice as expensive).

So generally speaking, better cashmere does cost more. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t good inexpensive options out there. If you find a low-priced cashmere item, pull it outward from its sides. If it snaps back to its original shape, you have good quality cashmere.

Many dry cleaners can extend the life and restore your cashmere to its near-original condition. Here are two of our favorites:

Skyline Dry Cleaners

Zengeler Dry Cleaners
Northfield and 6 additional North Shore locations

If you have a favorite dry cleaner or a tip for finding high quality, inexpensive cashmere (or a favorite place you like to shop for it!), please submit your comments here.

*MIB Loves: In writing this story, we also uncovered that Zengeler has a special process for cleaning Ugg boots. After they clean away the salt and dirt, they re-dye the boots to their original color. The process takes about a week.

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