10 Great Mother’s Day Gifts

If asked, the mom in your life will probably tell you she wants nothing more than a homemade card and a hug for Mother’s Day.

While that’s true, wouldn’t it be fun to surprise her with a little something she’s not expecting?

We’ve come up with a gift list for Mother’s Day that has something for every kind of mother. Even those who insist they want nothing more than a homemade card!

1. Say it with Seeds
Instead of a bouquet that soon wilts, give her a garden that will keep growing flowers all summer long. These seeds for a cutting flower garden come packaged in a hand-made porcelain berry basket. We found the company, Hudson Valley Seed Library, at the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Antique and Garden Fair. $34

2. Chic Jewelry for Moms
Whether her accessory style is hippie-casual, modern and sculptural, every mom wants a piece of jewelry that reminds her of her kids. Initials, birthstones, photos—lots of possibilities. To get you started, we have local jewelry makers on our Better List who’d love to help.

3. New Summer Tote
If she’s going to be running from pool to beach to camp with the kids this summer, she deserves a new bag to sling over her shoulder. When these bags from Flee in Winnetka were in our office for a photo shoot, we almost didn’t return them. (Kelly Konrad’s husband, take note!)

4. Mommy Membership
Yes, she loves going to Kohl Children’s Museum with the kids, but sometimes a mom needs to walk and talk with other grown-ups. Gift her a membership to the Art Institute, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago Botanic Garden —anywhere that she used to love to go pre-kid.

5. A Gift that Gives, Too
Northbrook Court has some amazing gift packages for moms.The best part is that everything was donated by the merchants at Northbrook Court, so 100% of the proceeds will go to charity.

6. Favorite Photos
Instead of a photo in a frame, take that picture of mom and the kids and turn into a piece of art. Easy, even for a total non-artist! We love Canvas on Demand, because of their two initiatives Hi Honey! and Hi Mom! that support the families of deployed troops.

7. Handmade with Help
We have a great article with handmade ideas for the little ones to make for mom. For older kids, print out this PDF of how to make silhouettes and then send them to Paper Source for supplies. If that’s more than you can handle, bring your kids to Westfield Old Orchard on Saturday, May 5. Volunteers from District 39 will be helping children make crafts and cards for mom.

8. Handmade (but not by you)
Etsy has gorgeous gift guides with ideas for moms. Check out these curated lists. Just search Mother’s Day and then add a descriptor. When we searched for ideas for moms who cook, we got this great collection

9. Cooking Kids
Brunch out is lovely any day but Mother’s Day, when the lines are long and buffets abound. This year, let her lounge with the paper or go on a power walk, while you and the kids tackle brunch.

10. Get Out On Town

Some years, the best gift you can give a mother is a night away from her kids. Check out our list of great theater ideas chosen with moms in mind. And if she’s more a movie gal, we’ve got you covered there too—just make sure no little ones are yelling “MOM!” while she’s watching.