Top 10 Benefits of Sending Your Kid to Camp

Top 10 Benefits of Sending Your Kid to Camp

Trying to decide if you should send your kids to camp? Consider the following benefits:


1. Outdoor exploration. Camps foster children’s connection with the natural environment.

2. The opporunity for unstructured play. Dr. David Elkind says: “The traditional summer camp recognizes that play is a powerful form of learning that contributes mightily to the child’s healthy physical, emotional, social and intellectual development.”

3. Meeting people from around the world. Campers are exposed to different cultures, beliefs and personalities at camp.

4. Independence. Campers have the opportunity to make decisions on their own in a safe and nurturing environment, thus building independence.

5. Confidence. Camps focus on the success of the camper which helps young adults build self-esteem.

6. Gaining proficiency in a skill area. Camps offer structured training in specific skills and general life skills.

7. Parental growth. The camp experience is also a growing process for the parents. Parents learn to let go and trust that their children will make good decisions.

8. Resiliency. Camps help children learn to succeed and fail in a nurturing environment and teach them to give it another try if they don’t succeed the first time.

9. A child-specific environment. Camps are designed for the success of children.

10. Physical activity. Children are active at camp. Away from technology and the couch, they are able to be active, breathe fresh air and exert themselves.