Encouraging Update for New Trier Teen Involved in Car Accident

The recent tragedy involving two New Trier students has pulled at all our hearts.


We’re hugging our teens a little closer and hesitating just a little more before we hand over the car keys.

It could have been any of our kids.

And that’s why we can’t stop thinking about both young women involved in the accident. We feel for both families and continue to remember them in our prayers. We’re sending out good thoughts for Sarah, the young woman in the hospital and hopefully on the mend.

According to an email by New Trier Township High School District 203 Superintendent Linda Yonke, “The latest update from this morning is very encouraging. I was so touched by Laura’s entry today, and her reaction to some very promising signs from Sarah. How precious to hear Sarah respond to her mom ‘Love you too.’”

Her family has set up a page for friends and well-wishers to follow her progress.

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