Personalized Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Out of ideas for that perfect, personalized gift? Look no further. Here are some of our favorites.


For the sentimentalist
Celebrate family roots with a custom family tree. This unique personalized artwork features the family name, year and a bird for each family member. Printed on stretch canvas and framed, available in three sizes. Exclusively from RedEnvelope.



For the man who loves fire
Made of 1/4-inch solid carbon steel, these fire pits will burn in his memory as a favorite gift. An artfully shaped pit can be customized to your liking, whether it’s the family or kids’ names, a favorite quote or emblem, logo or shape. Handcrafted in Tennessee, pits feature a rustic iron oxide finish/patina on the outside, with a high temperature resistant paint finish on the inside and handy rain drain in the bottom. Through Taigan online.



For the heart of your home
Even if you only eat together two times a week, family memories start at the kitchen table. Handcrafted by two gals with a blow torch and acrylic paints, these custom Lazy Susans celebrate your favorite spots, treasured pets, shared hobbies, an inspiring motto—whatever defines you. Solid wood, 18 inches in diameter, on a metal ball-bearing spinner with protective wooden square.



For the gal with hometown pride
While not completely customizable, these pillows highlight the best of every state, major city, national park, major ski resort and even the North Pole. So if she’s quick to tell you where she’s from, save the talking for your sofa. From Cat Studio.



For the pet lover
Do you show pictures of your dog, before your kids? Maybe it’s time to transform those photos into a work of fine art, and give poochie some prime real estate. With a loose painterly style and highly lacquered finish, these “paintings” transform digital photos into one-of-a-kind, hand-worked portrait.

personalized-gifts-dog-1    personalized-gifts-dog-2


For your young athlete 
Think you have the next Urlacher or Hamm in your bunch? Make your little athlete feel like a superstar with their own life-size photo decal, taken straight from a favorite action shot. Made of high quality fabric trimmed into a life-size peel-and-stick decal. From Shutterfly.



For the proud grandmother
Bragging rights with style. Skip the calendar and brag book, and give Nana some gorgeous linens, embroidered with an exact replica of your child’s best artwork. Offering cocktail napkins, fingertip or guest towels, table and bed linens. Through Taigan online.



For your backyard rancher
Put cowboy pride back into grilling. Let him brand his steaks and chops with a signature touch. Custom set pairs a personalized hand-forged iron steak brand and monogrammed John McLeod New England birch carving board. Exclusive to Williams Sonoma.



For the gal who has everything
Known best for her personalized charms, Heather B. Moore puts the focus front and center with customized sterling silver belt buckles. Whether it’s a favorite quote, kids’ names or her most memorable dates, it’s completely up to you.