Spring Travel and Your Pets

With Spring Break quickly approaching, now is the best time to prepare your pets if you will be traveling.


If you are going to be boarding your pet, it is best to make sure all vaccines are up to date, per the kennel’s requirements, at least 2 weeks prior to their stay. It takes several days to develop strong immunity to the diseases present in the vaccines, and pets should be properly monitored for reaction after receiving a vaccine, so it is not recommended to give the vaccine right before boarding. Even if it is cold outside, your pet should receive flea protection prior to boarding. Bring any special food or medications with your animal to the kennel with instructions. When your pet returns home, check him or her thoroughly, and contact your veterinarian if you find anything out of the ordinary.

You may elect to have a pet sitter care for your pet at your home while you are gone. Pets that are immunocompromised for any reason (young animals or animals receiving chemotherapy for example) should not be boarded.  Many pets do better by maintaining their routine at home rather than going to a boarding facility. Whether you use a kennel or a sitter, make sure they have all of your contact information as well as information for your veterinarian, should your pet need care while you are away.

If your pet will be traveling with you by airplane, make sure to check with the airline’s guidelines for travel, and have a health certificate signed by your veterinarian within 10 days of your flight. For longer trips, you may need an additional health certificate for the return flight. If you travel internationally, there may be additional requirements and restrictions so be aware of those before you go.

Have a great trip, knowing that your pets will be excited to see you upon your return!