The Camp Goat Ate My Sneakers … and Other Letters from Camp

Sending your son or daughter off to camp is not without trepidation.

And while you look forward to those notes and letters home—and in this brave new world, even emails—there are things you hope you never read.


Dear Mom and Dad,

We took a swimming test today and guess what! I’m a “fluke.” If I improve I can become an Asian Carp.

I caught a [fill in: frog, snake, turtle, toad, baby coyote] and they said I could bring it home. Isn’t that awesome?!

I don’t feel too bad when the other kids get care packages from home.

Forgot the sunscreen but the burn isn’t too bad.

The kid in the next bed stinks up the cabin every night.

I was elected cabin captain. I get to sweep up every morning and empty the mouse traps!

They fixed my arm and the sling is really neat. Almost everybody at camp signed the cast.

Don’t worry, the lice are only in the next cabin.

I’m on the bottom bunk. Some nights the top bunk leaks.

The swamp water really smells bad, but my counselor washed my clothes.

I was lost for a while. They found me so don’t worry!


Would you like to give your kids a head start on a great letter? Download this pre-written version that your camper can complete by simply checking the appropriate circles. Click below to download the letter.